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Corona virus statement

The AIF is aware of its responsibility in this exceptional situation and fully supports its customers and partners.

The health and well-being of our employees, customers and business partners are our top priority and are therefore at the heart of our efforts. We take the current spread of coronavirus very seriously.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 has a firm grip on the world and is now severely affecting private and professional life. In accordance with the recommendations of national and international health authorities and institutions, we have taken comprehensive preventive measures in good time to protect our employees and continue to provide our customers with the best possible care at all times. and to fulfil our tasks and duties in full, even under these difficult conditions. For example, for the duration of the crisis, we have introduced travel restrictions, initiated additional hygiene measures in the office premises, postponed business meetings and implemented the home office. In doing so, we ensure that we can continue to provide our services without restrictions.

In the currently very volatile and difficult financial markets, we are closely monitoring current developments. As a reliable partner, we feel more than ever obliged to support our customers and business partners wherever necessary in difficult situations such as these. Of course, with all our expert knowledge, we are at your side in all questions as usual – even and especially in these turbulent times.

As an asset manager, we are not affected by the national regulatory restrictions on the exercise of certain business activities. We maintain business processes and are always accessible via the well-known communication channels (telephone, email, internet) and are available for all concerns and questions. Even in the event of further tightening of the measures by governments, we shall remain viable at any time.

The AIF assumes its social responsibility and, with the safeguards it puts in place, wants to contribute to miteing the threat of the virus and thus protecting our employees, our customers and business partners. We are available for you and are always at your disposal for your requirements and individual needs, even in this challenging situation in which we are all located.

We wish you and your families health and all the best in these troubled times. Thank you very much for your trust in us as your reliable financial partner.

Kind regards
AIF Alternativ Invest Finance AG


Blockchain is not just the basis of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Blockchain is much more: With this combination of process and technology, things of any kind can be traded quickly and low-risk.

A blockchain is a kind of digital database for transactions between multiple devices that accurately capture each change and stores it transparently and decentralized on the participating computers. The stored information is hardly manipulable in this way and the integrity of the database is ensured. Due to its encrypted design, the process is currently the technical basis for cryptocurrencies and can ensure the security of financial transactions.

For a deep explanation of what the blockchain is, see the 01/2018 newsletter.


The fund invests mainly in securities (equity securities and certificates) related to blockchain technology as well as in other approved assets, in particular liquidity investments.

The   BLOCKCHAINFUND is designed to provide investors with access to blockchain technology-related companies (via equities), UCITS-enabled cryptocurrencies (via certificates) and non-physical precious metals (via equities, ETFs or structured products).

The fund is actively managed. Since the portfolio of the BLOCKCHAINFUND is divided into three sub-strategies – Blockchain technologies, UCITS-enabled  cryptocurrencies  and  non-physical precious metals –, different trading approaches are required.

About us

AIF Alternative Invest Finance AG is one of the first independent asset management companies in Liechtenstein. Since 2006, we have managed assets for private clients, institutional investors and corporate clients worldwide. We offer UCITS funds that have an excellent long-term track record, daily liquidity and low to no correlation with other market indexes. Brokerage services for fixed income and structured products complete our investment offering.

AIF Team



You have the opportunity to invest in the BLOCKCHAINFUND either directly via your on-line trading platform or as an individual pension in the form of an insurance policy.


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