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AIF Alternative Invest Finance AG
c/o block­chain Fund
Giessenstrasse 2, P.O. Box 9
FL-9491 Ruggell

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Asset Management


Phone: +423 375 0333
Fax: +423 375 0335


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Holzner IT-Lösungen


Holzner IT-Lösungen


Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein
Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation SV Liechtenstein)
Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association
Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce

Authorities / Partners

Supervisory aut­ho­ri­ty: Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority
Fund Administrator: CAIAC Fund Management AG
Auditors: Grant Thornton
Custodian: Volksbank Liechtenstein

Information on online dispute resolution

Consumers have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sub­mit com­p­laints to the EU’s online dis­pu­te reso­lu­ti­on plat­form. You can also make any com­p­laints to the email address above.


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Taxonomy Regulation (EU) 2020/852 Art. 7

The invest­ments under­ly­ing this finan­cial pro­duct do not take into account the EU cri­te­ria for envi­ron­ment­al­ly sus­tainab­le eco­no­mic activities.
The fund does not take into account the adver­se effects of invest­ment decisi­ons on sus­taina­bi­li­ty fac­tors, as it is dif­fi­cult to obtain infor­ma­ti­on due to the data­ba­se (Art. 7 (2) of (EU) 2019/2088).


This dis­c­lai­mer is to be regar­ded as part of the Internet offer from which refe­rence was made to this web­site.  If parts or indi­vi­du­al for­mu­la­ti­ons of this text should not, no lon­ger or not com­ple­te­ly  cor­re­spond to the app­li­ca­ble legal situa­ti­on, the remai­ning parts of the docu­ment remain unaf­fec­ted in their con­tent and validity.

Liability for Content on this Website

The con­tents of our pages have been crea­ted with the utmost care. However, we can­not assu­me any lia­bi­li­ty for the cor­rect­ness, com­ple­teness and topi­ca­li­ty of the  con­tents. As a ser­vice pro­vi­der, we are respon­si­ble for our own con­tent on the­se pages in accordance  with gene­ral laws. However, we are not obli­ged to moni­tor trans­mit­ted or stored third-party infor­ma­ti­on  or to inves­ti­ga­te cir­cum­s­tan­ces that indi­ca­te ille­gal acti­vi­ty. Obligations to remo­ve  or block the use of infor­ma­ti­on in accordance with gene­ral laws remain unaf­fec­ted by this. However,  lia­bi­li­ty in this regard is only pos­si­ble from the time of know­ledge of a spe­ci­fic infrin­ge­ment. Upon beco­m­ing awa­re of such  vio­la­ti­ons, we will remo­ve this con­tent immediately.

Liability for Links on third-party Websites

Our offer con­tains links to exter­nal web­sites. We have no influ­ence whatsoever on the con­tent of the­se exter­nal web­sites.  Therefore, we can­not assu­me any lia­bi­li­ty for the­se third-party con­tents. The respec­ti­ve pro­vi­der or ope­ra­tor of the pages is always respon­si­ble for  the con­tent of the lin­ked pages. The lin­ked pages were che­cked for pos­si­ble legal vio­la­ti­ons at the time of lin­king . Illegal con­tent was not dis­cer­ni­ble at the time of lin­king. However,  a per­ma­nent con­trol of the con­tent of the lin­ked pages is not rea­son­ab­le without con­cre­te evi­dence of a vio­la­ti­on of the law.  Upon beco­m­ing awa­re of legal vio­la­ti­ons, we will remo­ve such links immediately.

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