Investment Comment Sept 2018

The block­chain Fund is desi­gned to give inves­tors easy access to com­pa­nies with uni­que block­chain sourcing. UCITS-enabled cryp­to­cur­ren­cy assets and non-physical pre­cious metals are inten­ded to round off the fund as inte­res­ting alter­na­ti­ve investments.

An awful lot has hap­pen­ed in the block­chain uni­ver­se sin­ce the fund launch. Nevertheless, the basic tech­no­lo­gy is still at the very begin­ning on the so-called “S‑Curve.” Globally, com­pa­nies have been pushing block­chain pro­jects rapidly. The first suc­cess­ful pro­jects were intro­du­ced into the real eco­no­my. Users of this tech­no­lo­gy expect nume­rous bene­fits, inclu­ding lower cos­ts, grea­ter secu­ri­ty and trans­pa­ren­cy. Investors, on the other hand, expect hig­her pro­fits if soft­ware tech­no­lo­gy can avoid expen­si­ve errors and save costs.

In the September 2018 invest­ment com­ment (PDF), we go to three com­pa­nies (AMD, Walt Disney and Alibaba) that are among the cur­rent top 10 posi­ti­ons in the block­chain fund portfolio.

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